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I have recently worked on a ticket whose task is to build a new feature to allow our users to upload their profile photos to S3. This is a seemingly very easy task but it could be very annoying when you encounter errors or bugs, some of errors could even be misleading and thus you end up spending lot of time in the wrong direction. So I decided to write a post to share how I did it, what errors did I see and how did I solve them. …

I have recently been assigned a ticket to integrate a 3rd party SDK library into our backend to query their api. The library isn’t open sourced as we had to get it from the team through the customer service and it’s a little outdated, with no disrespect. For professional reason I am not going to disclose the company’s name, but it mainly does identity verification.

The SDK came with a Client class with a list of methods, and a makeRequest method out of the box and each of the methods calls the makeRequest function, which takes a callback as one…


This post is to show case how did I bypass the <textarea>problem with defaultValue. In React, value is Uncontrolled Components, which means subsequent update is not possible. Therefore, defaultValue is used instead. React document says that <textarea>also supports defaultValue, however, when it did not show the preset value as expected. As a result, something is needed to be set up to bypass this dilemma.


While working on my Capstone project, I came to the need of creating an update form to update the existing events. Since it’s an update form, therefore previous values are necessary to be preset to be…


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